How to Fix QuickBooks Error 106?

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QuickBooks Error 106

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software that is used by millions of users all over the world. Despite all the advantages, QuickBooks is often plagued by certain errors or discrepancies. One such issue that you may face in QuickBooks is QuickBooks Error 106. In this blog, we will examine the possible causes and solution of QuickBooks Error 106.

What is QuickBooks Error 106?

QuickBooks Error 106 is a banking error that occurs when a user tries to log in to the bank website, but they are unable to find the account.

Why does QuickBooks Error 106 happen?

Several factors could instigate the error on your screen; some of them are as follows:

  • You must be using an older version of QuickBooks
  • Corrupted files or accounts could lead to this error
  • Any changes in the bank details can give birth to this particular error
  • There are some issues with the bank server

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 106?

Solution 1:

  • Log in to your bank account
  • Go to the customer service and then click on the service centre
  • Now click on my information and then select allow financial management tools access
  • Once you are done, turn on the setting, and check whether the error is resolved or not 

Solution 2: 

  • Click on the transaction and then choose banking 
  • Now search and find the account that you want to remove 
  • Now click on the pencil icon which is placed at the next of bank name
  • After that, click on edit account info
  • Tick on the box which is located beside disconnect this account
  • Once you are done, save the changes by clicking on save option 

Hopefully, these solutions will help you come out of QuickBooks Error 106 easily. In case these solutions don’t work, reach our experts via QuickBooks Error Support Number to get an immediate resolution for QuickBooks Error 106.

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