How to fix QuickBooks POS Error 100060?

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QuickBooks POS is a quick and easy accounting software that has placed a positive mark on the mind of users. When it comes to choosing the best accounting software for retail business, QuickBooks POs tops the list. Despite all these advantages, errors or issues are part of this software. One such error that is commonly faced by the user is QuickBooks POS Error 100060. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the causes and solutions of this error. Read on to the last to find probable solutions for QuickBooks POS Error 100060.

What is QuickBooks POS Error 100060?

QuickBooks POS Error 100060 is an error which occurs when a user tries to run a financial exchange for the first time using QuickBooks POS. This error appears on your screen with an error message that reads:

Error 100060: QuickBooks POS could not create some necessary accounts in your QuickBooks.

Causes and solution of QuickBooks POS Error 100060

Cause 1: An account is active in QuickBooks when you using Financial Exchange with the Point of Sale


  • Open QuickBooks and then click on Edit > preferences
  • From the preferences, choose accounting
  • Now click on company preferences and then uncheck Use account number checkbox
  • Now click on Ok to complete the transaction
  • Click on the financial menu and then select update QuickBooks to perform financial exchange in QuickBooks POS
  • Open QuickBooks again and click on company preference> edit > Preferences > Accounting 
  • Now check Use account number to reactive feature 

Cause 2: The user who has logged into QuickBooks doesn’t have administrator rights


  • Go to QuickBooks, click on the file and then choose a close company
  • Now login to your company file as administrator
  • After that, click on the window and choose close all
  • In the QuickBooks POS, go to file menu > Preferences > Company
  • Click on account from the financial tab
  • Make sure that none of the accounts has brackets.  If anyone of the accounts has brackets, then create a new account
  • Once the account has been created, go back to QuickBooks POS and then click on company preferences
  • Now check for the accounts which do not have brackets to complete your task. 

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